On Thursday evening went to GlasGLOW at the botanic gardens which is a lighting display all around the park. Was unfortunately a pretty miserable evening weather wise but still really enjoyed the display.

Photos are just taken on my phone and in the dark and rain so not the best. It is coming back next year so think will defo go back.

The first stop was the Kibble Palace for a walk around inside there.

Next stop was the dragon farm, very atmospheric with the smoke in the lights and dark.

They had a section with a whole load of spider lights in the trees and then lighting up different ones at different points to make it look alive. Pretty cool to watch.

There was a section which was more on the creepy section, I can still here the music that they had playing ” ring a ring of roses” but a slow darker version.

There were a few of these spider web lights along the path, nice effect. Not a lighting display to go to if you don’t like spiders!

The ‘graveyard’ was a mixture of atmospheric and funny with what they had on the gravestones.

Loved the last section of the walk where the lights were set to music. Amazing visual effect.

Looking forward to it coming back next year!

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