Teguise Market

Every Sunday they have a market in Teguise, the old capital of the island so that was our day trip for Sunday and was a great experience. Not something that I have done before in the area so was looking forward to it and I know how much Kat was looking forward to it.

All three of us really enjoyed it and came away with some good buys, lovely village as well and a different way of seeing the place.



Was very busy with people coming from all over the island and hundreds of stalls. We gave it a good go at trying to see as much as we could while there.



Kat was in her element being there and seeing so much stuff that she loved. She loved all the colour that was there and just in general in the shops on the island. Did a pretty good job at increasing the colour wherever she went as well!




I enjoyed buying a few souvenirs as well as just getting to walk around the place taking pictures and soak up the atmosphere. Plus lunch included canarian potatoes which by that point we were both very much in love with.





A great day trip and one I am really glad we did, before Kat not something that I would have done.


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