Ferry To Fuerteventura

Last week got back from holiday from Playa Blanca in Lanzarote, was there with Kat and my Mum for a week. Means that the next few blogs are going to be photos from there and what we got up to. Haven’t had much chance to go through my photos so this is me starting with a small easy one.

One of the days we did a trip across to Fuerteventura which is somewhere that I used to go a lot on holiday when was younger so was keen to show it to Kat but also to see the place again for myself. Plus I knew it would be a good fun day out.

The weather was mixed for the week that we were there though most days were sunny with the occasional rain shower, we had one day were it just rained all day but was always warm so overall it was a good week. The day that we choose to go across to Fuerte it was a stunning day all day so we picked well.

Flat calm and sunny looking towards Fuerte

So after a filling breakfast, the breakfasts at the hotel were amazing was a large buffet with everything possible on offer, we walked along to the harbour to get the ferry.

Kat all ready for her day trip to Fuerte and the beach




While walking there it gave us the chance to take some pictures of this rainbow bench and flag. It was positioned along the front but not easy to find it quiet however this morning it was quiet and looking great in the sunshine.



The journey across to Fuerte only took 25mins due to being on a very fast ferry. Every time we saw it coming into the harbour we commented on how fast they reversed and docked. Very much wouldn’t want to get in the way of this!


Amazing day to be out on the water and seeing Lanzarote from a different view as well as approaching Fuerteventura. Fun and fast journey across.

Kat and my Mum on the ferry






While we were on Fuerteventura we went to the Dunes and spent the day on the beach and in the sea so my camera was very much safely wrapped up and in my rucksack. Wasn’t risking getting any sand anywhere near it! We had bought a blow up ring to play with and had a great time, in and out the water, had lunch in a wee cafe on the beach and a bit of time reading our books in the sun. When heading back to the ferry we spent some time looking in the shops and buying some souvenirs. Overall a very good day trip to Fuerte and glad that we did it.

Leaving Fuerte







The ferry back across was just as enjoyable as the way there just a little bit windier! Kat did manage to keep her hat on her head though so all good.

Right now to start looking at the rest of my photos and get some more blogs out. Hope you have enjoyed this first one about the holiday 🙂

One Reply to “Ferry To Fuerteventura”

  1. Love your holiday snaps.
    Akan and I did the ferry to Fuerteventura. I discovered in not a sailor as felt sick and sat focusing on a point to stop actual sick. The home sail was choppy to say the least and everyone on the boat (except Alan ) was vomiting. There was Alan sitting with a pint while the boat lurched all over the place looking very pleased with himself 😂😂


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