Next Adventure

In one of my previous blogs I talked about new stuff happening in October for us. Over the past few months we have been house hunting and going through the process to put an offer in and everything that is involved in buying a house.

We now have our house!!!

Massive learning curve which is only going to continue now as we begin our next adventure together.

Together on Monday when we picked up our keys to our new home.

Both of us were very excited to drive up to the house, walk through the gate and open the door to our new home.

It is going to involve a lot of work to get ready for us to move in and live there but it is our project together for building our home together. After the last couple of years I am so excited to be busy with something that is positive and for the future. Yes there will be ups and downs with it but I am ready for this to happening and to be doing it with my two best friends.

Last night we went round there after to work to do some stuff ( that is going to be the theme for the next few months) and we had our first cups of tea/coffee there. Big moment!

The next photo Kat took but absolutely love it and wanted to put it on here as well. The next step for the Berrie pack:

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