Life Balance

People talk about having a work/life balance which is true but it separates it into two categories when really it is all one. It is all a part of one thing, your life and it is about getting the life balance.

Currently sitting in my kayak on the shores of Loch Lomond enjoying a cup of tea. Had a half day and within an hour of finishing was on the water.

There is a lot happening this month , loads of exciting stuff which I will blog about when the time is right. Great to start being busy with positive stuff and feeling more settled with life.

It is also a big month in terms of memories from where I was last year. I don’t want to dwell on them but I also don’t want to force them away as that isn’t going to help and will be natural for me to be thinking about them. However I can also be like yeah okay that is where I was last year but look how much has changed and where I am now.

I think to be sitting in a kayak having a cup of tea is a pretty good place to be right now and that I am doing something right with my life balance.

I am looking forward to the month to come for all the events happening and will deal with the memories as they come. However overall focusing on the here and now.

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