What Helps My Mental Health?

Now if you follow my blog or read any of my other posts you will already know that being in the outdoors and doing exercise is a massive part of what helps my mental health. So that is not what this blog is about.

It is also not about Kat or Maia or other family and friends cause of course they also playing a huge part in helping me maintain my mental health. As well as being there when it isn’t in such a good place.

The blog is more about the other things that I do that I know are important to me and also for me to do. Nothing revolutionary new but just want helps me and my mental health.

My latest buys from my walk today which of course involved coming back via a bookshop.

Reading is a massive part of my life, it always has been and it always will be. Also it has really helped me over the past few years, having that place to escape into and been surrounded by the world of words. There has been very few times that my headspace hasn’t allowed me to read which is great.

I have also found that I don’t need to have a book that is totally different from what is going on in my world. Often what really helps when I am struggling is to read about that topic and just throw myself into it and soak it all up. Last year I read a lot of self help books on loads of topics; CBT, anxiety, depression , motivation the list goes on. At the beginning of this year I read quite a few books on the topic of trans and I have also read a few books on grief as well.

I absolutely love gadgets and technology but if it was the choice of never having that or never having books then books would always win for me.

Writing in my journal has been a big help as well, it gives me somewhere to get what is in my head out onto paper. It isn’t always about talking about it or doing anything with it and even though it is still a part of you the act of writing it down can really help. I have gone through periods of not writing in it as often as I would want or like or need to but from the 24th of August this year I set the task to write in it every day. Doesn’t have to be much but just something and to maintain that.

Maintaining your mental health involves keep doing what helps even when you feel better. It is an active process and might always be an active process. Not just to do something when you don’t feel well but to help stop yourself getting to that point.

As this blog will show photography is a massive part of my life and what helps. A way of expressing oneself which doesn’t involve words but can say so much. Of seeing the beauty in the world and sometimes forcing yourself to see it as you want to take a picture. But also being able to take the darker pictures , the moodier ones, the ones where there is no colour as that at that point is what you need.

It is also good to have when out for a walk as it gives you something to focus on. Your thoughts don’t always help you but when having something to do, to think about it doesn’t give them time to wander. Like getting the focus right on a picture you want to take or changing the shutter speed.

Music has had a good and bad influence on my mental health in the past few years but it is something that I love and I can’t live without. It is a huge part of my life, memories and how I see the world. Yes there are times when it hasn’t helped and probably won’t help in the future but it is about learning what works for you. Not having music in my world would be far worse than the times it doesn’t help.

There is a song for every occasion. Our lives are a soundtrack and there will be the full range of music to go with the full range of emotions , feelings and thoughts.

So that is some of the things that help me maintain my mental health and things I know I have to have every day in my world or at least very frequently. Maintaining mental health is an active process because life is an active process!

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