“Cracked,Not Broken”

Started reading the book Friday lunch time and finished it yesterday early evening. Great read and one I would recommend to anyone really but especially if you are having mental health problems. Which face it to some degree is going to be everyone they just might not recognise it or want to admit that is what it is. We will all get the cold at some point, mental health needs to be started to seen in line with physical heath.

After watching a few videos of Kevin Hines on YouTube you can see how passionate that he is about his story and how much of a public speaker he is. That passion comes across in the book as well.

The main and important message that comes across is that suicide isn’t the answer and just how much he regretted that decision immediately. Not when he hit the water and the pain started, not when lying in the hospital, he regretted it the millisecond he jumped.

Pretty much most of us don’t want to die with regret, a lot of actions we do in life is so when at the end there isn’t the regret. So suicide isn’t the answer.

He brings across in the book how staying well isn’t an easy process at all especially for him but it is the same for so many people. He talks about routine of sleep, eating, meds, therapy and exercise. Every single day. Whether feeling well or not. You just have to keep on keeping on.

Also to come to terms with that and that feeling better doesn’t mean that you will never feel ill again. Getting over a cold doesn’t mean that you will never have a cold again.

Inspirational book and one that I am very glad that I have read.

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