3 Months

3 months ago today my dad died……

3 months seems like a landmark as I am sure 6 months will and how 1 year is very much is going to be that as well. That time is just going to keep getting longer and longer and longer. There will never be shortening of that time it is only ever going to increase day by day.

3 months of living in a world where my dad no longer exists.


3 months of drinking who knows how many cups of tea but never making one for my dad or having one made by him.


3 months of trying to find a way through the pain and sadness of dealing with this massive hole in my world, life, heart.


3 months of never being able to say goodnight to my dad.


3 months of so many conversations with so many people but no one of them being with my dad.


But …

3 months of laughs, smiles, dog walks, meals out, cups of tea, talking, hugs.

3 months of time with Kat, Maia, family, friends.

3 months of new adventures, new people, new job.

3 months of hill walks, bike rides, kayaks.

3 months of taking pictures, writing in my journal, doing blogs.

3 months, 3 months, 3 months


Three months of LIFE….

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