Passport Official

Yesterday I finally got my passport through with the name change. Though now I have changed my name on so many things having it changed on my passport was definitely a big important step and makes it seems all the more official.

I suppose maybe because that is the one piece of ID that will get used a lot to show to people and all over the world. Maybe also cause it is what identifies you with your country and now that is showing what my correct name.

Out of everything that I have changed my name on so far this has been the one that caused the most hassle. So cause I didn’t have a driving license in my new name that couldn’t act as a piece of ID so away went my birth certificate and a bank statement on it. Got a letter back saying I needed deed poll, birth certificate wasn’t enough.

When I had been doing my research into it it appeared for Scotland you did birth certificate and rest of the UK did deed poll. But had to do deed poll as well which was very very quick and simple. If I had known that my name would have been changed months ago and would have saved a lot of hassle with starting a new job and paperwork. Hindsight is a great thing! I keep joking with everyone the next time I change my name I will know…..

So got the deed poll done and sent that off. A few days later got another letter back saying they couldn’t accept the bank statement as it didn’t have the full name on it. Why they couldn’t have had that on one letter I don’t know but anyway.

Went down to my bank and they were saying it was a safety thing to keep your full name off the bank statement. However explained the situation and the lady kindly wrote a letter for me explaining they did have my full name on the system then signed and stamped it.

Luckily that was enough and I now have a passport. Yay!

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