New Project

Ever since I finished One Hill, One Year I have been trying to think of a new project to do and I keep getting drawn back to the Whangie. It is a hill that I do so much and is easy to maintain the project through out the year so have decided to do something very similar again.

This time I am standing in a different position and also I am setting the goal to do the hill  a minimum of once a month but ideally more and if more then that will also make it into the film. So rather than just having the month on the video I will have the date as hopefully a lot of months will have more than one day where I climb it.

Started this project yesterday on a very wet and misty day, the theme for me getting outdoors this week. Have to say though I loved every second of it!

Have very more noticed that now that I am getting outdoors more and getting more exercise that I am feeling a lot happier and more stable within myself. Getting outdoors is a must for my mental health.


Beginning of the walk


At the top
End of the walk

One Reply to “New Project”

  1. Hi Rob. I could t help laughing when I saw the photo at the top of the hill. The look on Maia’s face is priceless!! She has the “dear god almighty, I’m soaking wet what the hell are we doing up here, I’d rather be tucked up in a cosy blanket at home “ look on her face.
    P. S I’m really glad you enjoy your walks and that you have found something that makes you happy.


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