Different Angles

Went for a paddle yesterday afternoon with Kat as it was my half day and she had the day off. We don’t often get chance to go kayaking today so got to make the most of it when the time comes around!

Weather was pretty miserable and couldn’t see much view wise but Scotland is still a beautiful country regardless, just need to make sure you have the correct clothing.

Took a few attachments for the GoPro so had a play around with different angles which was good fun.



GPTempDownload (1)

This photo is looking towards Ben Lomond, as I said not a huge amount of views.

GPTempDownload (2)GPTempDownload (3)

I had the GoPro attached to my wrist for a lot of the time and like the different angle that gave. Something which I will use in the future for playing around with.

GPTempDownload (4)

GPTempDownload (6)

GPTempDownload (7)


GPTempDownload (9)

Kat had the GoPro as well for some of the time and had a play around of where to attach it for getting some different angles. The next lot of photos are from when she had it.










This photo is one of my favourite of the day:

GPTempDownload (5)


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