So Close To The Top Of Loudin Hill

Don’t usually go south of Glasgow to go for a walk but we knew that we were picking something up in Kilmarnock today so wanted to pick a walk in the area to do. I picked Loudin hill, starting in Darvel and walking along an old railway line.

Unfortunately we never made it to the top as at the last bit there was a field to get through with cows in it and they were spread around right where we would have to walk with Maia. Decided to be sensible and leave the last bit. Will need to come back to complete the walk!

The walk starts in the middle of the village at a bust of Sir Alexander Fleming as he was born in the area which was interesting to see. Didn’t know where he was born apart from it being in Scotland.




Very overgrown at the beginning of the old railway line, both of us have a lot of nettle stings on our legs. A lot of it seemed to be bang on shin level and arm height, opted to protecting my arms and just putting up with the stings on my legs.




Love the smile that Maia has on her face in this photo. Great for us all to get out and enjoy a walk together, not something that we get to do a lot at the moment.






Lunch spot after we found that we weren’t going to get to the top.



Lots of bridges to look at and a few tunnels to explore as well.

Overall a very enjoyable family day out and a chance to explore a new area of Scotland. One that we will be back to so that we can get to the top of Loudin Hill!

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