Fresh Start

Everyone always sees new year as the time to make goals and resolutions. I am no different but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it at all other time of the year or revise the goals that you made. Having flexibility in them can make them a lot more realistic and achievable.

For this year I set out a list of goals that I wanted to achieve however as you may have guessed from reading my blog that this year hasn’t exactly gone how I thought it would.

So have been looking at the goals going well I am not going to achieve those. Isn’t the more positive and inspiring thing to do.

This morning I thought it is the first of the month let’s revise though so that yeah somethings I might not achieve or now can’t but I can change them and make it something manageable for the next 5 months.

New year is just a day the same as any other day so there is no stopping you making goals and resolutions at any point of the year.

This has been my original list made on the 31/12/17.

Things I want to achieve in 2018:

⁃ Finish Wheel or time book series

⁃ Kintyre Ultra Bike Ride

⁃ West Highland Way

⁃ Finish photography diploma

⁃ Reduce overdraft by half

⁃ Sent up joint bank account

⁃ 18 Munros

⁃ Kayak, Bike and Hill walk every

month ‘

Not been in the best of headspaces this week so this morning wanted a fresh start and to begin to turn that around. So I came up with the revised list.

Revised list 1st August 2018 onwards:

⁃ Finish WOT series

⁃ At least 3 modules

of photography diploma

⁃ Set up joint bank account

⁃ Be more organised with finances

and if can reduce overdraft

by £100

⁃ Minimum of 3 Munro’s

⁃ Kayak, Bike and Hill walk every

month from August – December

If I need to change them again later on the in the year then so be it. Much better to have something that is a challenge but achievable rather than just looking at a list and thinking well that is never going to happen now.

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