Full Commitment

Putting a picture that I haven’t taken isn’t something that I do usually for this blog as obviously it is about my photography however I didn’t know what picture to put on. This quote pretty much sums up what the blog is about.

Have been saying for a while that I want to do more with my blog and my photography etc. However it needs to be more than thoughts it needs to be action. What I need to do is for this blog anyway is:

Take more pictures and write more!

I have a couple of events coming up where I have the opportunity to start to sell my pictures but I need to put in the work to be ready for that. I have been dithering for a while should I shouldn’t I. The usual with anything new and finding the cons in the venture but I need to find the pros and fully commit to it.

It is something I want so I need to go for it and fully commit. So this is the start of it. Over the next few days going to work out a blog schedule so that I am:

Taking more pictures and writing more!

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