Last Day At Current Work

So had my last day at current job today, always a bit of a weird feeling with last day, that leaving old, new changes, excitement, nerves, unknown. Also the last two last days that I had weren’t exactly great ones: after one I didn’t go back to work for 6 months and the next one I ended up in a psychiatric ward 3 days later. However got to start somewhere for changing it around and making what has happened very much firmly in the past. And today was the start of that change.

In the 7 months that I have worked at the current place a lot has happened for me. From when I first started just before Xmas , world has turned upside down a good few times.

When I started here I was Fiona/Fee and then went through that upheaval and now very much Rob and on that journey for that becoming more definitive across all areas of my life.

Also when started here I had an alive and very much active Dad. This will be the last place that I will have worked where he was alive and my new job will be the first one where I won’t be telling him about it. Hard to comes to terms with that now everything going on in my life he won’t know anything about.

I am happy to say that I have cycled to work every day that I have worked. This has included cycling through a fair amount of snow and ice then also some hot temperatures for Scotland. I have been really lucky that most of my cycles have been in the dry, very little rain and wind.

Been good to cycle about 10km each day as my commute to work and will miss that aspect. Especially when the cycle has been along the river with some great views.

Have enjoyed the team I have worked with and it has been the start of getting back into the swing of work again. Not that being at work again has been easy especially with everything else going on, have had good day, bad days and terrible days. However it has given me the time to settle back in to it.

Lovely to receive a good luck card and presents from the staff here.

Another chapter closed and the next new one beginning.

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