Balnakeil Beach

We all stayed up north after my dad died for just over another week in order to start sorting stuff out, funeral, time etc. One great thing about having a dog is that no matter what is going on Maia needs to have a good lot of exercise so every day we were all getting out for a walk.

It was exactly what was needed each day and I am sure did us all the world of good. Up beside Durness at the top of Scotland there is the amazing beach of Balnaseil which is where we ended up going for a walk a few times over the course of the week.

It is somewhere that I had been to many times before but always with my dad so was very strange to be there without him. Also doing something so every day and normal like going for a dog walk and then going for lunch. Something that I must have done so many times with him and then that still goes on but he is no longer there. Not going to be easy to get used to that.

Enjoyed the walks that we did have on the beach and I suppose just making the most of the moments of being there with my Mum, wife and dog.















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