Positive Behaviours

Through out everything that has been going on recently have really been trying to keep doing the positive behaviours that will help me to cope with everything that is going on and maintain an okay headspace as much as I can.

One of the major activities for me to keep doing and maintaining is getting into the outdoors for exercise, fresh air and just being outside. Everything is very real and serious at the moment so yesterday it was about getting out for some me time in the outdoors.

Was an amazing day down at Loch Ard yesterday and very much enjoyed being out on my bike with Maia in the sunshine. Went for a swim in the Loch and had a chilled lunch so all in all a successful day.

Can’t change what is happening at the moment but can keep doing the behaviours that I know are going to help me be in the best position to cope with it all and allow me some time out as well.



Maia showing me where would be a good place to go swimming from.





Pre and post swim.


Lunch spot where I spent a good hour eating my lunch, reading my book and writing in my journal. Was a great place to have some time out.


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