One Hill, One Year

When we first moved down to Glasgow I started a photo project with the Whangie of taking the same three photos at the top every week, had planned to do it for a year. Was really interesting to see the changes in it and managed to keep it going for a good few months however then it started to slip with other things going on and think only managed to do about 6 months of it.

Last May when I was walking the Whangie I was thinking about that project and wanting to come up with something new that I could do especially at that point where I was off work and needing something to focus on. I was also aware that I wanted to set something achievable so that I could complete it. So came up with getting up the Whangie once a month and doing a small GoPro video from the same point every time.

There has been some months where it has been pretty much the very last day that I have made it up however every month for the past year I have managed to the top and to do the video footage. Last Friday I went up the Whangie and got my last footage of the year which was great to do.

Was great to put it all together and to see the difference over the year in the hill but also to complete a project and even with everything going on that I have still managed to do this.

Hope you enjoy the wee video!


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