Me Time

With everything going on at at the moment it is very difficult to get any time out and have some me time. It is important to have that cause it means that you function better when having to deal with everything, it all has a knock on effect but it can be very difficult to prioritise getting that time to yourself.

This week I haven’t been great for getting that, I know it is important and want it but it is a very active process to try and get it which isn’t in itself easy to do. However yesterday went out for an early dog walk to Mugdock with my camera to get some of this me time. First time have been out in ages with my camera and therefore first blog in quite a while as well.

Need to keep trying to get that time each day even if it is just for short periods because in the long run it will help to cope with everything going on. Keeping on doing the positive behaviours even when you don’t feel like it is what helps to maintain health.









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