Life Changes

A few blogs ago I mentioned that quite a lot has been happening recently in my life but didn’t go into detail. One of those changes was about a month ago my family got the news that my Dad has got terminal cancer with a very short prognosis.

Massive news and totally unexpected, was found by a completely incidental finding and completely out of the blue. A lot to get one’s head around and deal with.

Trying to make the most of the time left with him as that is really the only thing that can be done. So probably going to be a lot of photos from the top of Scotland when I do get the chance to blog.

Will blog more about this as time goes on but that is the beginning to what has been happening recently for me.

One Reply to “Life Changes”

  1. Hi Fee – so sorry to hear about your Dad – a difficult time for all. Please know that we are sending positive thoughts and all our love to all of you. Big hugs and love from Chris, Fergus, Caitlin and Finn xxxx


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