Me Time

With everything going on at at the moment it is very difficult to get any time out and have some me time. It is important to have that cause it means that you function better when having to deal with everything, it all has a knock on effect but it can be very difficult to …

Life Changes

A few blogs ago I mentioned that quite a lot has been happening recently in my life but didn't go into detail. One of those changes was about a month ago my family got the news that my Dad has got terminal cancer with a very short prognosis. Massive news and totally unexpected, was found …

First Day Of Spring???

So the first of March is meant to be the first day of spring. Doesn't quite feel like that today in Glasgow with the thick snow and heavy blizzards. However really enjoyed going out for my walk earlier and getting some photos with my DSLR rather than my phone.

The Beast From The East Is Here

The forecast was for us to get a good lot of snow and bad weather which we very much have over the past few days. My plan today is to head out with my DSLR but so far have been taking photos with my phone.