An Attempt On The Brack

In my last blog I talked about wanting to start exploring more of Scotland so I thought I would put that into action yesterday. Also want to start doing more hill walking and to be doing some solo hill walking as well so need to start from somewhere. It isn’t something that I have really done that much of so need to build up confidence, skill and knowledge.

Decided on The Brack for yesterday as have been to the forest track walk before but not up onto the hill. Weather forecast wasn’t great and when driving to the car park it looked like it wasn’t going to be anything different. Grey with low lying cloud, rain which progressively got heavier as the day went on and a building wind.

Was a warm wind at the beginning of the walk which was a weird feeling for this time of year especially with how the weather has been. Always find it hard to get the layering of clothes right on a day like that, needing waterproofs on due to the rain but then getting too hot when walking up hill and with it not being that cold. Think I managed to get it right and once off the forest track I was glad I put my gaiters on.



Visibility from the start of the walk was never going to be the theme of the day.

GPTempDownload (1)

At the car park I saw one guy and his dog who headed off the opposite direction then just at the start of the walk saw another coming back with his two dogs but apart from that saw nobody else for the whole time. Just how I like it!

GPTempDownload (2)

GPTempDownload (3)

GPTempDownload (4)

GPTempDownload (5)

GPTempDownload (6)

GPTempDownload (7)

The path from the forest track and heading up onto the hill. Everything I had read about the hill walk said this bit was quite steep and a bit of a scramble, they weren’t joking plus add in very muddy to that as well. Great fun though.

GPTempDownload (8)

Maia of course had no trouble with any of the walk and was frequently waiting for me as two legs are just so much slower than four!

GPTempDownload (17)

This picture gives an idea that the path is a straight up scramble for the first little bit from the track and then after that continues to be fairly steep but not having to do it on all fours.

GPTempDownload (9)

Being in the trees gave a lot of shelter but once I left the forest could really see how miserable the weather was. I went a bit further on after getting more onto the hill but then made the decision to turn round. The weather wasn’t getting any better and looked like it was getting worse especially as I was climbing higher. I knew that at some point I was going to enter the low lying cloud and not be able to see anything along with the rain and wind.

Glad that I did turn around as the weather as I headed back down the hill got progressively worse so think I very much made the right decision for me at that point on the hill. Can come back another day to climb the hill again. Made it to about half way up the hill I recon.

GPTempDownload (10)

GPTempDownload (11)

GPTempDownload (12)

Can just about make out the rest and be thankful road.

GPTempDownload (13)

GPTempDownload (14)

Nice thing about turning around when I did was had more energy for the way back down which lot of the time I always find harder than the climb up. This time while it still wasn’t particularly easy I could enjoy parts of it and didn’t find it as difficult.

GPTempDownload (16)

GPTempDownload (18)

Kat got me this mug for christmas and this is me using it for the first time. Lovely to drink some fresh Scottish water.

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