Break The Cycle

When you start to get into a negative mindset it can become very difficult to break that cycle. You know that you should be looking for the positive in the situation that it isn’t going to get better unless you do that as there is always going to be the negative there but if you don’t focus on that then you can start to break the cycle.

Wallowing in misery is a very easy cycle to get into but it doesn’t help yourself and it doesn’t help people around you either.  It is important to keep doing something that you know will help, yes you may not feel like it at the moment and yes it may not help straight away but if you know it has helped then it can do again.

Negative cycle and wallowing in misery is where I have been since the beginning of the year but this week I have started to put in the steps to break the cycle. I don’t want to annoy people around me because it looks like I have given up and I am not trying. I also don’t want to feel that miserable but then it is up to me to break that cycle, no one else can do that for me, it has to come from me. It is hard but actually it comes to a point of yeah so what it is hard just accept that and keep going.

When cycling to work yesterday I started to push myself a little bit more on straight section after a downhill run and was saying in my head ” use the boost and keep going”, I repeated that over and over again. Then started to think actually that is what I need to use in all of my life, that needs to become my mantra : Use the boost and keep going! Take the positives and the good moments in life, let them give you the boost that you need and then just keep going through everything no matter what.

Use the boost and keep going!

Use the boost and keep going!

Use the boost and keep going!

Use the boost and keep going!

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