Blog Silence

Haven’t written a blog in a few weeks partly because it is this time of year and have been very busy as I am sure every one else has been as well. Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Also I haven’t had that much to say and have been thinking about what I want to do with this blog. It started out to improve my photography and obviously has changed slightly as the year has gone on to be a lot about my mental health journey. I still want it to be that but I have got into the habit of the photos mainly being from my phone. While you can get great photos from your phone and there is nothing wrong with that I don’t want it to be become the norm. I want to get better with my DSLR so after todays blog I want it to be mainly photos with my camera.

Will still be times when it is photos from my phone as I won’t always have my camera with me. Like the feature photo is from my cycle to work so photos like that will be from my phone and there will be other times. I don’t want to limit myself just to one device as a good photo is not made from what you take it on. However I don’t want to get into the routine of it being the easier option with a point and shoot with my phone.


Doesn’t meant that you can’t get good photos from using a phone which I also want to show. Think it is more about getting the balance and recently it has all be phone photos. Want to make myself work with getting better photos with my camera.


So the plan is to be back to doing the blog a bit more regular than it has been these past few weeks and a bit more variety in what I take my photos on with more of an emphasis on using my DSLR.

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