First Days

Had my first day at work yesterday, never thought it was going to be easy and it was very much hard work. It wasn’t even on a level that I was expecting but that seems to be the theme for this year and I suppose is always going to be theme. It isn’t what you are expecting that knocks for you for six but the unknown, the unseen, the side swipe that does the job. However it is about learning to deal with that and be able to cope with that as no matter what you do you are never going to be able to remove that element in life.

Had I wish it had gone better, of course I do but as I am often saying it is what it is. I can’t change how it went and have to deal with that to move forward. The first day is now done so it is about taking it day by day. Easy or simple was never going to happen but it is about making the best of the situation and what I can do to make it better.

Starting back relatively slowly to try and ease myself back into it which hopefully will help so this week is not just about one day. That is important to remember as much as anything, focussing and remembering negatives is easy to do but isn’t going to help and also so much more has happened this week than just yesterday.




We went to the Christmas market in Glasgow this week to have a look around, usually we go through to Edinburgh but that hasn’t been possible this year. However still had a good day seeing town being all christmassy. Plus got to try a new restaurant, Mozza, which did very tasty pizzas. The christmas market this year seemed to be more food stalls than anything else which was a bit disappointing but was still good to walk around and we did manage to find some more presents.


I cycled as my commute yesterday which I have been looking forward to doing and even though I didn’t feel like it I made myself stop on the way home to take this picture. For ages have been wanting to get some pictures by the river so thought well this is my chance, doesn’t matter what my day has been like I can stop and take this picture.






This morning was a walk in the snow out at Mugdock where both Maia and I had great fun playing.

Step by step keep moving forward making the positive decisions and taking it day by day.

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