Bank Of Me

No this isn’t a blog about money. For a while I have been listening to motivational speeches pretty much every day, they registered more some days than they do others but that is to be expected. Yeah they can be quite clichéd however they help and that is what matters. There is a few things that stick in my head and one of them is about every decision you matters, it might not feel like it but it still matters. You are either now or the future putting the bank of you into credit or debit and which one do you want to be in? Yes it might not feel like going that extra kilometre in that walk really matters or makes a difference but it is all adding up the credit in the bank of you.

This is something that I have tried to really think about this week, it might not feel like filling my day with lots of little positive decisions and steps is really going to make a difference but the idea is yes it will, it will all add up rather than take away. That’s the idea anyway and that is what I was telling myself when making myself do an extra loop of the dog walk in the pouring cold rain.

Had my second psychology appointment this week, was another part of the assessment process with this one about my past. Started right back at the beginning and got as far as my early twenties, means essentially another assessment appointment next time. It is important to do and I can see the reason for it but it is hard. You are talking about topics that you don’t want to really think about as it is in your past but then having to remember them briefly talk about them and move on. Not easy at all but hopefully worth it.

Been getting the flat ready for Christmas this week which included Christmas trees. I have a little fake one for my bedside table and then we go get a real one together. I say we, really I am just there to hold the trees up and spin them around, the decision making is very much in Kat’s hands. Good fun to do though.



The trial cycle to my new work went well, is a nice commute to have. Very little road cycling and a good length so think it will be fun to have that plus a lot better than getting into a car to do the commute. Always love how different Kat and I can look when doing the same activity.




Yesterday had a course in town in the morning and made the decision to walk in, not great weather however apart from the first 15mins or so it was dry. I felt better for having done that rather than using public transport so was one of those positive decisions to make and just go for it.


Bitterly cold today and weather forecast is meant for snow however lovely and sunny though so made for a fun dog walk.




We were meant to have friends come to stay this weekend which was really looking forward to but unfortunately due to the weather and that they stay a few hours away they have had to cancel. The right and sensible decision to make just a real shame. Doesn’t mean that the weekend won’t still be good and it is about taking what life gives you and doing the best that you can with it.

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