I enjoy and have always enjoyed feeling like I have had a weekend, that I have done something with the days. Even with not working for the past few months I still have that sense of a week and a weekend so like to get to a Sunday evening and feel like I have had a weekend. Variety is a big key I feel as breaks the days up and that more has been accomplished.

This weekend I feel like I have had good variety and have enjoyed the days. Weekends are great for the wind down of a week and the build up for the next but also about the weeks not just being getting to them as then that puts a lot of pressure on a small number of days.


Due to various of reasons I haven’t been able to get out for a bike ride since the beginning of November but yesterday I could and took the opportunity. Went down to a rather chilly Loch Ard and did one of the forest track loops with Maia.


Could tell I hadn’t been out in a month as found the hills harder work than have done before and was generally a bit slower. However it is a start, got a bike ride in in December and I enjoyed it. With starting work in just over a week and planning on cycling for my commute it will be mean I will get a lot more bike time this month plus hopefully back down to Loch Ard a few more times before the year is out.


I am pleased that I am continuing to get out into the outdoors no matter what time of year it is. I think that is something that will really help with my mental health especially with going back to work and just in general.


An area of improvement is very much to work on my bike fitness this month which I think is achievable with work commute and getting out on non work days. Don’t want this to have been my only bike ride this month!


Today we went through to Aberdour in Fife for lunch with Kat’s mum and then went for a walk down to the beach and shoreline. Stunning views across the Forth and to the Pentland hills.


Along with this the Christmas film watching has begun, last night it was The Holiday and this evening is Love Actually. So I would say overall a well rounded weekend.

This week coming is my second assessment appointment with the psychologist, I am keen to move past the assessment stage but do also understand the importance. After waiting this long and getting this far want to make sure it is all done properly. Planning on doing a trial cycle to work as well to get my route and timings sorted. Will let you know how it all goes in my next blog.

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