December Challenge

Until it reaches the 1st of December I am not very christmassy however soon as that date arrives I love everything about Christmas. The countdown, the tree, wrapping presents, watching the films, the food and being able to wear christmas jumpers. Just everything about it really, I am like a big kid and totally believe in the magic of it all. Can’t wait to see the coca-cola advert and then the holidays really are coming!

Don’t get me wrong anything to do with actually having to go somewhere where there is lots of people due to christmas shopping then I can’t stand that part however there is this wonderful thing called the internet and amazon. Thankfully!

The countdown in on and what does one needs for this? Advent calendars of course!


Have been thinking today what I want my blog challenge for December to be as want to have one for this month but not wanting to be writing a blog every day. I know with starting work and everything else this month that that it would be very difficult for me to maintain that. Also I want it to be something new. So on the back of yesterday’s blog where it was quite reflective of the month thought would do something along that general theme. What better month to be reflective than the last month of the year as well! Goal for this month is then to write two blogs a week; one at the beginning of the week looking back on the weekend and slightly on the week to come and then one at the end of the week looking back on the week and towards the weekend. Lets see how I get on with this one.

As this blog is the first of the month it is really about what December’s challenge is going to be and the first more reflective one will be after the weekend. This weekend got first mince pies and christmas films planned for tomorrow and then a walk on Sunday. I am excited for both.



The two above photos are of exactly the same thing: the hollyberries however changing how you view them  changes how they appear but nothing changes  about them. Life is about attitude and mindset; it is what it is but we can change how we react, view it and cope with it.


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