Last Day Of November Challenge

On the 2nd of November I sent myself the challenge to blog every single day and guess what I managed it! One can’t believe that we are at the end of November and tomorrow is the 1st of December. Would love to say where has this year gone however feel very much like I have lived every single day and while that could be a positive thing it isn’t in this case. But that is by the by now. The second thing is that I have some how managed to take pictures and find something to say for 30 days!

I have found some days easier than others which was to be expected but I am glad that I have made it to the end of the month with the challenge I set myself completed. Goal is to set myself a challenge for each month for my photography and my blog. Wonder what December will be? Think that is a blog for another day.


As always Maia has been my faithful companion for many of my days this month and has featured in quite a few blogs so seemed only fitting to have her in this one as well.


November has had plenty in it to make it a busy month; in terms of getting into the outdoors I have been for a bike ride, paddle and walks which is my goal for every month. I have in fact done each activity a few times which has been great and wow I have had amazing weather for them as well. November has really shown me how beautiful Scotland can be and I love the place even more.


My walk today was out at Mugdock and again stunning weather for it, very cold but still an amazing day. The loch was frozen over which is always great fun to see, love listening to the sound the ice makes.


This month has also included my first appointment with the psychologist so that was a massive massive event for me. Had been a long few months waiting and though it is very much just at the beginning of that process at least I have made it to the start line. Next appointment is on Monday so will let you know how I get on.


By doing a blog every day I have been a lot more reflective on my mental health which has been a good thing. Yeah there has been ups and downs , whatever happens that is life but feel like I am slowly making progress in a positive direction and overall I am pleased with how the month has gone.


I am now in a position of having a start date for my work and have done the induction course which is a massive step forward from the beginning of the month. How I feel about that well there is a lot that I feel about that but I will leave that for a blog to itself very soon.


This month has also included a couple of trips away one to York for Kat’s birthday and the second on my own to Manchester for my induction course for my  new job. The trip to York was fantastic, had such a great time with Kat and being in the city. In fact this month has been a really good month with Kat and will remember some of the laughs that we have had forever. The trip to Manchester was good as well but also good for me to do, to keep taking the positive steps forward for the new job and also having the first time away from Kat and Maia in quite a while.


November has really been about enjoying the moment as it is happening, making the decisions that I know will have a positive impact on me, not taking life too seriously and enjoying myself. Have I managed that 100% of the time no, will I ever manage it 100% of the time no probably not but that is okay and that is life.


Reflecting on the past month is interesting and good to do so think will keep that in my blogs. Have been big on if I have a goal then I need to have a plan for it and have really tried to work on that. I am looking forward to what December will bring!

Day 30 of Challenge






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