Snowy Whangie

First walk of the season in the snow and was a fair amount of snow as well. Again left Glasgow and wasn’t expecting the day to turn out like that. Was thinking it would be cold but didn’t realise the snow was lying so low.

Didn’t have a huge amount of motivation this morning but wanted to do the Whangie ( a hill outside of Glasgow ) so knew that I just had to go for it. Sometimes it is just about committing to something whether the motivation is there or not, if you want for that then you may never move.

Very much paid off and had a great walk, weather completely different from yesterday but loved being outdoors just as much as I did yesterday. Being outdoors in Scotland is one of my great passions and loves but the past two days have fallen in love with Scotland even more.

Was snowing quite a lot on the way up and visibility was pretty low, I was glad that I know the area so well as wouldn’t take much to take disorientated. Didn’t see anyone else on the hill for the whole time I was there which is just the way that I like it. Great fun walking and playing on snow that is completely clear and you are the first person to make any mark on it.



Even though it isn’t a high hill the views from the top can be spectacular with looking down Loch Lomond and being able to see Ben Lomond. However that wasn’t the case when I reached the top.



Love how much snow I have collected on my hat that I wasn’t even aware of. Very grateful that I had the correct clothing on as wasn’t put out by the weather at any point, I could just enjoy being there.


Maia had great fun playing the whole time in the snow. Most of the time she was acting like an artic fox.



While up at the top it started to clear which was stunning to see, incredible light as the clouds moved over and everything was very crisp. Every time I looked away it seemed to clear that little bit more and open up.



This photo is my favourite of the day:


just very much seems like a textbook winter scene.



Day 24 of Challenge

2 Replies to “Snowy Whangie”

  1. Wow! I have been really enjoying your photos this month but these have just blown me away! You have an amazing talent for making the viewer really feel part of the landscape and there are now so many more places for me to visit if we ever manage to get back over there. (Also it has been extremely hot here for over a week now and images of snow and cold are most welcome!!) Your photos and openness do you great justice Fee – be proud xx

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    1. Aww thank you. That is lovely for you to say. Winter is very much here at the moment so don’t think that will be the last image of the cold weather that you will see. x


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