Stunning Weather

Going for a paddle isn’t an activity that I can take Maia with so at the beginning of the week I just have to decide on a day and then the dog walker comes in for her. So it can be a bit hit and miss weather, really just about going for it regardless. This morning when I left Glasgow thought it was going to be a cold, wet and grey day for a paddle. How wrong could I be!

When I arrived at Loch Lomond the weather had completely changed and turned into one of the most stunning days that I have been out on the water. It was absolutely amazing to be out on the water and seeing all the snow capped hills in the sunshine.



I spent quite a while just sitting still in the kayak in the middle of the Loch and taking in this view. The photography doesn’t do it justification, don’t think anything could do it full justification apart from to experience it. Was a perfect place to sit and think but also really just a place to sit and be.



GPTempDownload (1)

GPTempDownload (5)

There were moments that the loch was flat calm and was almost as good to look at the reflections in the water than it was to look at above the water.

GPTempDownload (2)

GPTempDownload (3)

GPTempDownload (4)

Goes to show that though it doesn’t look like it isn’t going to be a good day if you just go for it you never know how the day is going to turn out.

Day 23 of Challenge

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