One Day At A Time

Had dip in my mood yesterday evening ; it can be hard sometimes not to start thinking/ worrying/ stressing about stuff coming up in the near future and in the more distant future. Of course it doesn’t do any good and no one knows what is going to happen so for most of it it is completely out of anyone’s control. Still hard to stop the thoughts though and once there is one negative thought that opens the door for a lot more to start.

It is about taking it one day at a time and trying not to focus too much on what is going/ might happen. Every day is going to turn into a memory so having a negative memory because of something that might happen in a positive or negative way in the future doesn’t always make much sense. Might as well make the day good if you can so whatever happens at least will have that good moment and memory.


Working my way through everything that is happening, has happened and then what is going on in my head is going to be a long long journey but thinking about it in that way is very daunting and over whelming so just need to keep thinking of it one day at a time because that is what it is.


Comes down to enjoying the moment for the moment as that is what makes the memories happy and positive.


Day 14 of Challenge

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