One of my resolutions for this year was to read all the Wheel of Time books which if you know the series of books would be quite something! I came into 2017 having read the first 3 and at this point I have just started the 7th one. So I don’t think I will finish the series before the end of the year however I am still happy to be half way through the series.

If I had only read those books then I would have finished the series this year however there is so many books out there that I like to have variety. So much to read and so little time! Currently this year I have read 35 books and expect that to increase at least by another few before the end of the year.

Reading is something that I have always enjoyed since a young age, there is nothing better than finding a good book and escaping into that world. I have enjoyed it even more over the past year or so I pretty much no matter what else is going on and how my headspace is as soon as I pick up my book and start reading it quietens everything and nothing else exists apart from being in the moment of reading.

In terms of coping mechanisms being able to take some time out to just sit and read is an extremely helpful and healthy one. It isn’t 100% proof but nothing is and it is about learning what works and what doesn’t, having more than one for different situations and when it is harder just to have one working.

Day 12 of Challenge

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