Back To Routine

Today has been the first day since that day where it has just been me by myself with Maia for during the day. Nothing stays the same ever and also at some point you have to go back to what the normal routine is. At the moment that is Kat being at work and myself not being at work, won’t be like that forever but for now that is what returning to “normal” is about. 

I have been in a lot more positive place over the past couple of days and feel like I am slowly on the uphill part of the journey. After that day there is no denial or naivety about knowing that it will involve plenty of other down moments and be a long long journey however my mindset about a lot of things has slowly  begun to change and I am feeling a lot happier overall than I have done for months.

So with this in mind I wasn’t worried about today at all as knew that I had stuff to do through out the day and also just to enjoy having a chilled day. It has been a good day so far, nice mixture of being productive and also relaxing to enjoy a bit of down time. Also getting over the cold so good to have a slower day to get rid of that. Before all this started and even during it I have enjoyed having time to myself so it is good to have had a day where it has been very much a positive experience.


Day 7 of Challenge

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