All Year Round

Few months ago kind of set a rough goal that I wanted to keep up all the outdoor activities that I get up to for the whole year round. So to make sure each month that I have been out hill walking, kayaking and mountain biking. Doesn’t need to be doing as much of them as did as early in the year but to still keep them going even though the weather isn’t as good and there is less daylight hours. Got the gear to allow that to happen so why not, know how good it is for me physically and mentally so just got make sure that I get out there.

1st of November and been out for a bike ride, not bad! Was a pretty horrible day leaving Glasgow and driving down to Loch Ard but it cleared up to be a pretty nice day.



Signed up to do the Kintyre Way Ultra Cycle, which is 75 miles from pretty much Tarbert down to Campbeltown. I had wanted to do it this year but did have the time to put in the training for it so think would have done more harm than good. This time though no excuses as have 6 months to get ready for it, even more reason to keep cycling through out the year.

Have a long way to go to reach that stage but I am looking forward to doing the training and getting fitter on my bike.


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