Since being signed off work it is very easy to get fixated on work and all the questions and decisions going round in my head to do with that. What I need to also remember that while I am not at work it opens up opportunities that I wouldn’t have got if I had been at work. One of those is getting the chance to see areas of Scotland that I haven’t been to before.

On Monday I got the chance to go to Kinghorn, Fife which is somewhere I hadn’t been before. Have been to Burntisland which is the next town down from it but always good to get to explore more of an area. If I had been working there I won’t have been able to go but instead I got to spend time on the beach with my dog taking pictures.

It is easy with depression to see only the negative in each situation and the challenge with that is to try and turn it around to see the positives. Easier sometimes that others.





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