Tuesday was our wedding anniversary and Kat was off from Sunday till Tuesday so we decided to go to Mull for the three days. A mini break away to make the most of the time Kat had off and also a celebration of two years married!

Had a great three days and really glad we made the most of it by getting away plus love a reason to use the tent and camping equipment. We have a lot of the gear for getting out in the outdoors so it is about using it.

We caught the first ferry from Oban on the Sunday morning and got great weather for the crossing across. Love being able to stand out on the deck and seeing the stunning views that Scotland has to offer.





We had decided that we were going to wild camp rather than go to a campsite and actually ended up finding a pretty good spot. I won’t say where as that would give away our secrets!

Sunday was spent driving to Lochbuie and exploring around there, we were very lucky with the weather on Sunday getting mostly sunshine or at least being able to hide in the car during the heavy rainstorms.





Monday morning we climbed one of the small hills near where we had camped, love getting height to be able to see more of the area.




We then headed to Tobermory for lunch and a look around the place before having a drive out to Calgary bay.







We were very lucky with the weather for the three days apart from the last day which was pretty miserable however on your last day it never feels as bad. We were also extremely lucky with the midges, yeah they were there but could have been a lot worse. The last half an hour of breaking camp was the worst, was a very very quick dismantle of the tent and thrown into the tent.

Kat  had never been before so was great to go there with her, love exploring Scotland with her. Though I have been before it hasn’t been for years and the last time I was a teenager with my parents so completely different when you are going as an adult with your wife and dog. We very much want to go back and explore more.


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