Importance of Sleep

Sleep is something that is quite often affected by depression and actually anything to do with your mental health and your physical health to that matter as well.  It also plays a huge factor in the journey to getting better again. Lack of sleep affects everything.

It is a question that I have been asked a lot in the past few months: any problems sleeping? I do sometimes feel like if I said yes then I would get help fast. The fact that I don’t have any problems with my sleep seems to throw the professionals.

I am not saying that I get a perfect night sleep every single night because I am human. Yes sometimes I stay up later than I should or for whatever reason the quality isn’t that great however you could say that about everyone whether they have any mental health problems or not. However I don’t have any problems going to sleep or getting up in the morning. So overall my sleep is fine, I am not but my sleep is, please think past that question professionals.

I very much do see and feel the importance of sleep, if there has been a night where for what ever reason I haven’t got my usual number of hours sleep then I do notice that it has an effect on my headspace. It maybe isn’t something that I notice straight away but as the day goes on I do start to realise that actually a lot of this is down to tiredness.

I am very much a morning person much to the disappointment of my wife. ” The skies awake so I’m awake” I tend to wake up most of the time between 5.30 and 6am then that is me up awake and what time I go to sleep doesn’t seem to have a huge bearing on it so I am conscious of that with getting to bed as much as I can at a decent time. I also don’t tend to go back to sleep once I am awake so sleeping too much which is another common sleep pattern with depression is not something that affects me either.

When your head is so full of thoughts most of the time it is very hard to get any escape from that, you can’t just walk away from your mind. I am lucky that sleep does give me an oblivion to escape to, very occasionally I will have a bad dream that will affect me but otherwise I sleep straight through.

However good something is there is always room for improvement which I am trying to do. Very much try to have as little or in fact anything to do with my phone for the last half hour before bed, I do try to limit it for the last hour as well which is some times easier some evenings compared to others. I also recently bought a Lumie Bodyclock alarm so waking up to light rather than noise. As my body clock seems to be pretty set for my wake up time so tend to wake up before the alarm it is hard to tell the benefits of it and at this time of year as well but it is still nice when it does wake me up to wake up to light than noise.

The photos on this blog were taken when out for an early morning walk in Clachan, Kintyre. A good advantage of being up early and having a dog that is happy to join you for a morning walk.





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