Creating Your Office

One of the days that I was down in Clachan I went for a long walk along Westport beach, absolutely love being on the beach next to the sea. Sometimes there really is nothing better and is exactly what is needed to think and not think. While there I sent a few picture messages to people joking about a tough day at the office which made me think I could make this my office.

I don’t use mean having the beach as my office, as amazing as that would be but more doing something that very much is about being in the outdoors and using the time that I have at the moment to see whether I can make that a feasible plan.

What I would love to do is be an outdoor photographer and blogger. I don’t yet know whether I want to do this along side dentistry, at this moment I don’t know how I feel about dentistry but suppose the time off is to allow me to take a step back from that and improve.

So where do I go from there, don’t have a huge idea about that really but thought would start with doing an online photography course. So I am doing the advance diploma photography course through Institute of Photography. Will let you know how I get on.

What I do know is I can’t go back to how things were after the past few months, something / a lot of things need to change. I don’t know how or what but I do know that I want it to involve the outdoors a lot more and photography as well.




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