Finding A Favourite Spot

For a while I have been looking for a solution for taking pictures while out walking, I have carried my DSLR for whole walks before but it good to have both hands free a lot of the time. I have stored it in my rucksack which is okay but one is fairly heavy and takes up room but also means rucksack on and off quite a lot and taking pictures interrupts the flow of the walk. Have used a compact camera a few times which I can then keep in my pocket but just not happy with the quality of the photos. Sometimes I use my phone but it is nice to be phone free for a walk. Anyway I think I have found my solution and that is my GoPro. Light enough to have out all the time plus waterproof, easy to take videos with and not interrupt the flow of the walk plus when it is on it’s GoPro stick can have it attached to my rucksack by the walking pole loops so that I can have both hands free for a lot of the time. Perfect!


Plus I am loving the GoPro at the moment for photos of my dog Maia, in motion and still.

GPTempDownload (2)

GPTempDownload (6)

Went for a great walk today in the Loch Ard area, usually park at Loch Ard Forest but decided to go to the north end and park at Kinlochard today. Wasn’t really sure of the paths or route or anything but as a lovely day and on forest trails just reckoned that would keep walking, exploring then turn round and come back the same way. Worked out well and ended up doing a bit of a loop as well, know the area fairly well but was great to explore a bit further.

IMG_3172 2

Couldn’t have asked for better weather and views. Beautiful area of Scotland and with the trails I took had the opportunity to gain some height and see for miles.

GPTempDownload (1)

GPTempDownload (3)

GPTempDownload (4)

Really enjoyed walking along the forest track and being able to look up and see Ben Lomond at the end. Not a side that I have seen it from before and in this weather it was looking great.

GPTempDownload (5)

I love Scotland, think it is an amazingly beautiful country, and have lots of favourite spots. Today I think found one which is very high at being right at the top of the list. The track that I was on just ended and then felt like I really was in the middle of nowhere with stunning views of Ben Lomond. Couldn’t hear anything apart from the birds, no phone signal and just complete bliss. A wonderful place just to sit and take in the world which is exactly what I did. First time since getting my Jetboil for my birthday that I have used it on my own in the outdoors and what a place to use it. Perfect place to have a mid morning cuppa tea. I will go back to just to sit and be.

GPTempDownload (7)


Photo Details:

All photos taken from my GoPro.



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