Making The Most Of It

Rather than starting at the beginning of the week I have decided to start at the end. Thursday evening was an absolutely gorgeous evening and went out for a paddle with my mother – in- law. Words and pictures don’t really describe how stunning it was to be out on flat calm water and watch the sun setting. The colours were amazing! 

With having such a great week it was hard coming to terms with leaving and coming back to Glasgow. Was very much looking forward to being back together with Kat and being home but hard to be leaving there and being so much in the outdoors. Also leaving the illusion of a holiday and back to the reality of not being at work. Still trying to come to terms with that. However nothing lasts forever and it is about making the most of what you have when you have it. Yes I could have just stayed in the house and been sad about leaving but that wasn’t going to help me. Having that paddle did make me see what I was going to be missing however to have missed that experience would have been a lot harder to deal with. We regret more the things that we don’t do rather than the things we do do and there is no way that I regret going for that paddle. It was one of my favourite moments from the whole week.

It is very easy to get into the routine of once you have had dinner in the evening that is your night pretty much done however with it now getting lighter and lighter it is about making the most of the day. There is no reason why you can’t go for a paddle, walk, bike ride whatever in the evenings as much as you do during the day.  Especially with kayaking if the best time is to go out in the evenings with the weather then need to take that opportunity.

Driving away from there on Friday was hard however the place isn’t going anywhere so what I need to take away from the week is the memories, experiences and the positives. Also it is hard because I love the place and the people there so much. If it was easy to leave then my heart wouldn’t be in it and that is very much not true. Everything about the place is a large part of the jigsaw for putting me back together again.





GPTempDownload (1)


Photo Details:

Featured image and first three photos are taken on my iPhone 6.

Last two photos are altered photos from my GoPro photos.

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