Without Meds

Have mentioned a few times in the past few blogs that I would like to do this without meds and suppose the question is okay how do you do it? That really is the million dollar question that I don’t think anyone particularly has the answer for as of yet.

There is very much two sides for treating depression though I don’t know if treat is the correct word or more learn to manage and improve. Meds or no meds? I did 6 months of anti- depressants and didn’t get on particularly well. It is a very difficult thing to measure as at the point of taking them I wasn’t really talking to anyone and hiding from myself however when I came off them I did feel better. Partly because I was then talking to people but also I really didn’t want to be taking them. When everything starts to feel like it is improving and that I am handling life in a more positive manner I want to feel like it because of me and not because of some medication that I am taking.

Yes there has very much times that I have wished that there was something that I could take to making everything feel better at that point. However that is a quick fix and that won’t work in the long term even if it did exist. If you break a bone yes painkillers take away the pain however after that it requires physio and hard work to get you back to fitness again.

Plenty of the professionals that I have seen so far have wanted me to go back onto meds however it is not a path that I want to go down. I know it is a treatment plan and I can acknowledge that however I want to do it without them and that is the treatment plan I want to stick to for the moment.

So what does one do? Same as it would be on the meds: exercise, healthy eating, sleeping well  and talking. All sounds simple as does everything really but it is the doing it that is the hard bit and giving it the time to work. As much as it is confusing the professionals sleeping is not an issue for me so the three aspects that I need to putting the work into is doing more exercise, healthy eating and talking. Doing this blog is part of the talking bit as it gives me another outlet to get things out and also allows everyone around me to read it and hear maybe what I am not saying. Eating healthy is something that I am very much trying to go as well as the exercise bit. For me it is all about getting into the outdoors and doing something that I enjoy.

It isn’t going to be an easy journey however whether I take meds or not isn’t going to change that and at least whatever happens without the meds I know it is all me.

P.S The photo has been taken on my iPhone and it is a vegetable curry. Eating healthy is all about the fruit and vegetables so feel this photo shows this well plus has lots of colour.



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