Dark Skies And Choppy Waters

Got out of the flat and surrounding area today which was very much needed. Good to get out of Glasgow and feel like I have done something with my day. When someone asks what have you done I have something to talk about. Really enjoyed being by the water as well, very much a healing factor. 

I am starting to have a few more moments where I am feeling better about not being at work. That yes this time is about getting myself better and focusing on that I need to do. My motivation and purpose needs to be about me and looking at what I need to do to do that. Plenty of stuff that I enjoy doing it and now I have the time to do it. I don’t have the time is no longer an excuse for anything, yes I have other reasons and they are important but time is not one of them.

Dark skies and choppy waters ahead but just need to keep taking it small steps at a time and sometimes you need to zig zag to reach your destination.




NEXT BLOG: 3rd May

2 Replies to “Dark Skies And Choppy Waters”

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