Your Element

Was just in Kintyre for the weekend; one very intense essentially life changing weekend however I feel that is probably to be talked about in a blog later on in the week. This blog is about your element, do you feel like there is a place that you just fit in, that it is good for your soul and just where you need to be? For me it is really anywhere that is to do with water but more specifically the sea and kayaking. Absolutely love kayaking but due to various reasons haven’t been able to get out on the water much in the past couple of years.

On Saturday went for my first paddle in about 2 years and totally loved in. Was a perfect day to get out on the water and very much confirmed that I need to do it more.

We sent off from Ronachan and paddle across to the other side of West Loch Tarbert. Managed to time it pretty well to have a steady 20 min paddle in order to get out of the way of the ferry. Good incentive to keep up the pace.


I love having a paddle in my hand and everything about being on the water; the movement, the scenery, the peacefulness, the water, being outdoors, the exercise and seeing what is around you at a pace that you can take it all in.


I now have a lot more time on my hands so hope very much to get out on the water a lot more. As I said more to follow about this in my next blog.

P.S All the photos were taken on my iPhone.

NEXT BLOG: 26th April

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