Just Do It!

A lot of the trouble most of the time with depression is though you know what you should be doing and what will help is that you have no desire, want or motivation to go and do it. What’s the point?

However sometimes you just have to do it, the motivation will come after you have started to do it. If you sit and wait for the motivation to come it never will. Got to act like you do what to do it, aim to give it 5 mins or ever just 3 mins. If still not feeling like it then stop but most of the time it is the initial step and once you have done that you do actually want to carry on.

A couple of weeks ago I went with a walk with my dog and camera but was in a place that I wasn’t really seeing anything that I wanted to take pictures of. It is like you are seeing everything but with glasses on, depending on your mood to what colour the glasses are making everything. Like being the other side of a window and looking through but not quite registering what you are seeing or feeling it.

Anyway I made myself take photos as I had the camera so thought I might as well. Ended up taking about 10 photos and these two are what I think are the best ones.



I am going to start blogging at least twice a week and also putting on the blog when the next one will be so I have something that I have to work towards whether I feel like it or not.


NEXT BLOG: 20th April

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