A Week In The Cairngorms

For the last week in March we both had the week off for my birthday so decided to camping in the cairngorms for the week. Got a larger tent last year so wanted to have the chance to use it for longer plus after the past few months we both needed to get away to spend some time just the two of us plus the dog ( Maia) of course. Was a great week, we were really lucky with the weather and being just before the school holidays it was fairly quite as well. Picked a good week to get away.

Took a fair number of photos, hard not to with the scenery around there, as well as GoPro footage when out on the bikes. Have managed to narrow the photos down to 26 , some are not necessary the greatest photos but it is about the memories from the trip and some are photos that I just love.



This one was taken just after we had got everything set up. My wife loves to nest and make wherever we are staying homey so she was in her element with the tent getting it all set up. We have a lot of blankets but they were very much needed. The first night was the coldest, frost on the ground and Maia’s water bowl had ice in it!

It was great to have a larger tent for the week so we had somewhere for a base rather than just somewhere to sleep. Most of our meals were at the tent and was lovely sitting in it in the evening reading our books.

We camped at Glenmore camp site which is right beside Loch Morlich, could never tire so being around there.




The last photo was just meant to be of the ducks but Maia rushed in to pose as well which has now made it one of my favourite photos of the trip.

It was my birthday while we were away but not until the end of the week however I got an early birthday present of a Jetboil. Absolutely love it! Makes such a difference of being able to boil water in a couple of minutes. The first morning there I was up earlier that Kat so went down to the beach with Maia with it for my first cuppa of the day to be on the beach and amazing views!


Seeing views like that very much makes me want to keep going with the photography and be able to do it on a more permanent basis.







Seeing this guy head out on the water for a good half an hour paddle made me very jealous. Would have loved to have been able to do that while there. May next time. In face not maybe defo next time!


Can think of worse places to have your first cuppa of the morning!

The Wednesday when there we have a fairly easy day, enjoying sitting in the sunshine and reading our books. We went for a bit of a walk near by.




Thursday was my birthday and had a great day. We went for a walk near Carrbridge in lovely warm sunshine. Couldn’t have asked for better weather. It also gave us a chance to have a look at the mountain bike trails for Friday.






One of the best moments of the whole week was our walk along the beach on the last night enjoying the peace and quiet.






An amazing week and very much looking forward to our next adventure!

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