If Buildings Could Talk

Decided as part of doing more photography that sometimes before heading out I am going to set myself a theme for the photos that I will be taking and then blog about that outing.

I started this project today when taking my dog, Maia out for a walk today. We live very close to Gartnavel hospital and with Gartnavel Royal being a Psychiatric hospital which has been there since 1843 it has lovely grounds. It is also pretty quiet which is perfect for me and Maia. My theme today was to take pictures just in black and white with my Nikon D60 with the tamron lens 18 – 200mm.

Some of the buildings are boarded up and very derelict which makes them very atmospheric. Also made me think what if buildings could talk or if we could listen and hear them. A hospital would surely have loads of stories and especially a psychiatric one. What sights and sounds it must have seen over the many years.

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