Head Space Journey

Since the 14th of January it is save to say that my world has very much turned itself upside down completely.  For many months I have been suffering from anxiety and depression however I haven’t been talking to anyone about it and trying to handle it all myself. Have been putting myself under a huge amount of stress and pressure which has meant that I have slowly been coping less and less.

Anyway this all started to change on that date with opening up a lot more to more and more people. However the journey also meant getting worse and hitting what I hope is my rock bottom. I have been hiding from myself as much as I have been hiding from everyone else. I have been too good with putting up walls against everyone and probably just as much as myself. I had no idea I was as bad as I was. Have started the process of getting professional help and starting to begin the journey of turning things around. I have a long way to go but at least now I have all the support and love from a lot of family and friends.

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time on the west coast of Scotland in Kintyre and have taken a fair few photos. I have chosen to share these photos here and I am not putting in details about them because it is really just about the beauty of the photos and how much of a difference the head space I am in from the first to the last photo.

Talking around a campfire really helps me which is why the first and last photo are of this. The first one I wasn’t talking to anyone and in a bad way, the last one I am talking to everyone about everything and very much on the journey of improvement.



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