Christmas 2016

Before it gets too late to still talk about Christmas thought I had better do my blog for this Christmas.

I used to take lots of photos at christmas time but now trying to get the balance between getting the good photos but also enjoying my time and not having a camera on me all the time. Yes it can be good to capture the moment but what really makes the memories is living in the moment. As I said it is all about balance.

For the past couple of years my wife and I have gone through to the Edinburgh Christmas markets for the day. This year was particularly good as we actually managed to do some christmas shopping for other people and not just ourselves. It is a great day out and hopefully we can keep the tradition.

The first photo that I have chosen for this blog is from the Edinburgh Christmas market and I really wish that you could get smells form photos as the smells from this stall were amazing.

‘Got To Pick An Orange Or Two’ Nikon D60. Tamron lens 18 -200mm. ISO 400, F 4.2, Shutter 1/25.


The second photo I have chosen was taken in my home and really I just like the patterns that the lights make on the sheet music. I look at the picture and it makes me smile as it shows to me how cosy my home is especially at Christmas time. I don’t think it is the best picture for various reasons but actually I don’t care cause the photo makes me happy which is why it made it to into my blog.

‘Piano Lights’ Nikon D60. Tamron lens 18 – 200mm. ISO 800, F 4.5, Shutter 1/20.

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