I am of the age that a lot of my friends are getting married; actually a lot of my close group of friends are now married, including myself, and it is now baby time. However there is still a few weddings left to go. One of these happened on the 28th of December with the ceremony being at Glasgow university and then the reception at the Brig O’Doon Hotel in Ary. Was a very enjoyable day and they make a very happy couple.

I have taken photos at quite a few weddings now, some I find easier that others depending on time of year and whether inside or outside. This one was mainly inside which I always find a bit of a struggle with lighting, I am not a big fan of using my flash. My favourite photos at a wedding are very much of the candid style, in fact would say that is my general style when it comes to photographing people.

I wasn’t able to get many candid photos during this wedding one due to the lightning and two because I was enjoying catching up with friends and having a drink or two ( It was an open bar!) I also like to focus on the smaller details which is why I choose the photo “cutting the cake” to show in this blog. Yes the cutting of the cake is very much a staged photo however what I like about this photo is it has both their hands in it together and shows their new wedding rings. It is a photo that many other people won’t have because they will be focussing on the bigger picture of the couple with the cake.

“Cutting the Cake” Nikon D60. Tamron Lens 18-200mm. ISO 400, F 6.3, Shutter 1/60.

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